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  • Jenn J

    Jenn J

    Hey everyone my name is Jenn and together with your help we can make everyones day better step by step Motivational+LifeLessons+Leadership (Not taking credit)

  • Meg Kissack🌻

    Meg Kissack🌻

    Bullshit-free encourager of multi-passionate + creative women. Hosts The Couragemakers Podcast, lives That Hummingbird Life. Podcaster 🎙 Writer ✏️ Coach 💃

  • Anne-Laure Frite

    Anne-Laure Frite

    Passionnée par les Internets et les communautés digitales, je tente régulièrement de devenir chercheuse universitaire, la plupart du temps sans succès.

  • Sarah Joy Shockey

    Sarah Joy Shockey

    Writes stories, performs comedy, co-hosts Marty & Sarah Love Wrestling, makes little drawings. martyandsarahlovewrestling.com to buy custom art.

  • Matt Maldre

    Matt Maldre

    Web designer at Tribune Content Agency, Public Spaces Artist, Professional Scorecard Keeper.

  • Steph Halligan

    Steph Halligan

    Motivational cartoonist and author, doodling about life lessons and the voices in my head at www.ArtToSelf.com

  • Andrea Drugay

    Andrea Drugay

    Writer, editor, artist ✨ Group Manager, Copy @ Slack 💛 Still in SF 💖 Words and sometimes not-words 🖤

  • Amanda Rosenberg

    Amanda Rosenberg

    Writer. http://amandarosenberg.org

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